Leading customer engagement technology platform, BLOCKv, and global digital reward platform Reward Cloud are delighted to announce their partnership to drive the gamification of customer engagement with digital goods redemptions at over 400 top global brands and merchants.

This means that when building a campaign with BLOCKV’s blockchain-enabled digital objects, Vatoms, developers will be able to pre-fund “real-world” goods and services that can be redeemed in-store and online, utilizing Reward Cloud’s comprehensive network all in real-time and on one platform.

“We successfully ran our first joint pilot campaign last week with a leading global agency partner in London,” says Jon Knight, VP of Partnerships at BLOCKv. “We virtually dropped 50 Starbucks coffee Vatoms around Television Centre in London. Participants were able to pick up the objects on a map using their phone’s web browser and instantly redeem them for their favorite brew at any UK Starbucks.”

The combination of BLOCKV’s unique digital objects, Vatoms, which can be grabbed from billboards, in social media, or picked up within augmented & virtual reality, with at-scale retailer redemption from major brands, for real-world goods, offers incredible new capabilities for customer engagement.

“Whilst we see obvious benefits for gamification and sampling campaigns in the retail and advertising industries, this also opens up amazing new opportunities in other industries, such as the gaming sector – imagine players being able to grab scarce in-game objects and then redeem them for real physical equivalents This opens up new advertising revenue streams for games developers” said Jon.

“We are very excited to be working with BLOCKv and see huge potential in Vatoms to bring even more innovation and potential to the Reward Cloud platform and to its retail partners.” says Alex Preece COO & Co-founder, Reward Cloud.

“We’re looking forward to working together with BLOCKv to provide closer integration between the two platforms for the benefit of Vatom developers and Reward Cloud’s retailers alike. It’s partners like BlOCKv that we can empower with our easy to use single API which then, in turn, unlocks happiness and instant possibilities to customers. This is retail currency like you’ve never seen it before.”

To find out more about how Reward.Cloud enabled Vatoms can power user incentivization for your next project or campaign, please email support@blockv.io