On June 1st 2019, BLOCKv created a unique digital experience for the 16,000 attendees of Free Your Mind Festival, demonstrating how Vatom technology can enhance the festival experience.

Free Your Mind Festival, one of the most established dance music festivals in the Netherlands, returned to Stadsblokken in Arnhem for its 16th year. The festival took place once again at its enchanting riverside location beneath one of the most famous bridges in Europe, John Frost bridge. This year the festival announced its biggest international line-up yet; artists such as Amelie Lens, Eddie Amore, Keanu Joshi, Anastasia Kristensen, Chris Liebing, Joris Voorn, ROD and Sasha took to the stage at this remarkable dance music festival.

This year, BLOCKv and the organizers of Free Your Mind Festival collaborated to bring festival goers an unprecedented digital experience. Using BLOCKv’s unique, Blockchain verified, digital objects – ‘Vatoms’ – they transformed static objects into dynamic, virtual goods that could be individually owned or shared. The aim was to facilitate the ticketing process, give something of value to festival goers and create a vivid experiential layer at the festival.

The digital experience began a week before the festival. Attendees were urged to kick start their digital festival experience by email, receiving a Vatom envelope containing their EOS Blockchain verified ticket and ‘Free Your Beer’ Vatom sponsored by iconic Dutch beer brand, Kornuit.

BLOCKv ‘Vatomised’ over 4,900 tickets for the festival which were distributed to attendees as non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) on the EOS Blockchain. Vatom technology enabled users to send festival tickets seamlessly to their friend’s phones, all at the click of a button. Additionally, the immutability, security and transparency of EOS Blockchain verification ensured that the tickets were distributed with ease and integrity.

“Seamlessly integrating with EOS to create a rich and secure ticketing experience at this sort of scale is an incredible demonstration of the efficacy and diversity of the BLOCKv platform” said Shane Kehoe co-founder of SVK Crypto, a community-driven Investment firm focused on blockchain technology and crypto assets. “Given my previous career in the electronic dance music industry, I can see how Vatoms can enable a completely new form of engagement between fans, sponsors, promoters, and artists.”

The second Vatom received was the ‘Free Your Beer’ Vatom, an interactive gamification that rewarded festival goers with something of real value – a redeemable beer Vatom. Attendees had the chance to win a free beer by sharing the ‘Free Your Beer’ Vatom with their friends before the festival. The prize Vatom could then be redeemed for a real Kornuit beer at bars across the festival on Saturday, adding a rewarding experiential layer to the festival experience. Festival attendee, Olivia, described to us her delight as she redeemed her beer at the festival, “receiving the Vatoms before the festival was a really cool way to build excitement before the festival began and was something I’d never seen before. Then being able to walk up to the bar when I arrived and redeem a free beer using just my phone – that was pretty impressive.”

On the day, the Vatom engagement continued to delight festival goers. Inspirational ‘Cloud Vatoms’ containing thought-provoking quotes circled round above in Augmented Reality (AR). Attendees received an interactive Vatom turntable containing the Festival program and a DJ track. Vatom technology also turned the festival site into an interactive map. Vatoms were used to pin all the various locations at the Festival site – bars, stages, food stalls, etc – making it easy for festival-goers to navigate their way around the festival and discover all the exciting things Free Your Mind Festival had to offer.

Noah Van Putten, an organizer and Artist Handler of Free Your Mind Festival praised BLOCKv’s involvement in creating something unique for festival goers, “Blockv’s technology enables us to engage our visitors and create a very cool, immersive digital experience. Our sponsors recognized the benefits and fully supported us in experimenting with this technology. What’s wonderful is how BLOCKv combines the analog and digital world into one big playground!”

About BLOCKv
BLOCKv provides a development platform with a complete set of APIs, robust tools and training that enable developers to create and emit digital objects on the blockchain. These objects, called Vatoms, can be obtained and viewed across any mobile device. Vatoms are highly programmable objects that store and secure digital goods and move seamlessly between users. When combined with the creativity of the BLOCKv developer and partner community, Vatoms become the experience layer to the blockchain and present a new level of human engagement.

About EOS
EOS is a third generation Blockchain protocol for the development of decentralized applications. The considerable scalability of EOS is its greatest advantage, alongside its quick and easy deployment. It is powered by the native cryptocurrency, EOS.

About Free Your Mind Festival
Free Your Mind Festival is an annual dance and house music festival in Arnhem, Netherlands. After 16 years, the festival has established a name for itself as one of the most iconic dance music festivals in the Netherlands, attracting top international artists. Find out more at: https://www.freeyourmindfestival.nl/.