The BLOCKv Platform has arrived. Experience. Create. Amaze.

Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of the BLOCKv Platform. This is the first available release for developers to access the self-serve platform to create new experiences, using vAtoms, the new standard for digital objects run on or off blockchain.

Over the past six months, we have on-boarded over 100 developers who proved the value dynamic digital objects have in connecting teams with fans, governments with citizens and brands with customers. Their use cases have provided the BLOCKv team with invaluable insight into our core features, scalability and security. As a result, we now have a self-service platform with everything a developer needs to create and kickstart a blockchain project quickly and effectively with easy to use tools and templates.

And we have a thriving developer community, who are taking the lead and ushering in innovative solutions with smart digital objects. At BLOCKv, we celebrate our community of partners and developers, because we know the best way to motivate developers is to see other successful developers implementing exciting new projects.

Defining a new category for consumer engagement

BLOCKv is defining a new class of virtual digital objects that reshape human engagement. vAtoms offer marketers, sports teams, musicians, artists, game companies — anyone who wants a direct channel to an audience — the ability to surprise and delight along the entire customer journey and launch highly interactive experiences in no time. Whether in game, at retail, in stadium or IOT integration, there’s so much you can do with programmable digital objects to redefine relationships and create long-term value. vAtoms provide a significant advancement in human engagement.

“Our goal is to have autonomous, self-aware, context-aware, dynamic digital objects in the form of non-fungible tokens that become a new way to create real value — digital goods that bridge to the real world. We want to provide a platform where developers create and manage objects at scale in a reliable and secure environment with a robust set of proven tools.”

Gunther Thiel

Chief Technology Officer.

Join our Growing Community and Build Your own vAtom Experience

Our platform provides education, support, and a complete toolkit to easily and quickly create vAtoms; allowing anyone to unleash the power of blockchain by removing complexity from blockchain development. vAtoms are interactive digital goods that can move seamlessly and instantly between users and across any device or modality. With a wide selection of vAtom templates and built-in actions available, we’ve made it easy for developers to quickly deploy highly interactive experiences on or off blockchain.

What does “Out of Beta” mean for you?

Until now, the portal has been a controlled environment with a manual onboarding process. With the public release of the developer portal, it is now a self-service environment, allowing developers to register, login and manage the development of vAtoms through a personal workspace. We have made it even easier for developers to create, manage and implement new programs and solutions.

What has been added for the public launch of the platform?

During our Beta period, we had over a hundred developers on the platform creating new projects with vAtoms. Over 1 million vAtoms have been created and distributed during the last few months. This community has played a significant role in helping us determine what improvements and new features were needed. Below are improvements and new features, implemented during the last quarter and now available on the BLOCKv platform.

BLOCKv Platform Enhancements


The public release provides a highly scalable, event-driven lambda-architecture. All system components communicate over events, rather than classic REST API calls, which allows for massive scalability and serves as the basis for the cycler and brain frameworks. Events can now be encapsulated in synchronous or asynchronous policies. This production release is an important milestone for BLOCKv, providing a robust platform capable of serving millions of concurrent requests.

The beta version of the Cycler and Brain Frameworks are now available.

We have launched the beta version of the cycler framework and started the internal testing phase. This framework distributes and routes requests to a cycler who provides the infrastructure to process the transaction. It provides the “core layer” to make sure that no malicious responses come back, and that we achieve a quorum across multiple replies.

The beta release of the brain framework is also available. Each vAtom can now have a brain that can always be on and does not need to be triggered. The vAtom brain simply runs. For example, a 3D butterfly vAtom can be dropped onto the map and fly — navigating autonomously without any user interaction. These objects can truly become alive on a decentralized platform.

We will make the cycler framework and brain framework available to selected developers at the end of October. The on-boarding process will be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to the major architectural updates, we have resolved a number of bugs and included a number of feature enhancements:

– Users no longer have to login to access public vAtoms. This is particularly helpful for vAtoms that need to be presented outside a viewer or user wallet. For example, a vAtom that is scanned from a billboard or picked up on a map.

– New users are now assigned a randomly generated avatar.

– The new ‘remove vAtom’ endpoint allows users to remove vAtoms from their wallet.

– The password reset via User ID and password change now invalidates current sessions on all devices.

Vatom Apps and SDKs:

With the release of open source SDKs, we have made important improvements to the native Vatoms mobile applications and delivered a plugin for High Fidelity that allows vAtoms to enter the High Fidelity virtual world!

With this release, there is an entirely new set of open source SDKs for iOS, Android and Web. The main improvement is the new Face Module which offers developers an easy way to visualize vAtoms (using Faces), and to create Faces for other developers to use. The SDKs will ship with the officially supported ImageFace with more to follow in the coming weeks. This module will now allow 3rd party developers to create apps faster than before.

Recently we launched the first release of a vAtoms progressive web app (PWA) under


Web Viewer Enhancements 

– Image recognition and QR scanning to acquire Vatoms

– Map view to drop/pickup Vatoms

– Progressive Web App (PWA): offline support, caching of Vatoms and resources that can be added to your home screen and local notifications when the viewer is open but minimized

– Local notifications when the viewer is open but minimized


In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, vAtoms apps for iOS, Android, and Web now have the ability to send or share vAtoms by simply scanning a personal identity QR code.

BLOCKv Platform Updates:

On the updated version of the BLOCKv Platform a user can now use the self-registration process to become a BLOCKv developer and get API access. The admin section allows to manage the developer profile, add and administrate API keys (App-IDs).

Also, the full documentation of the new SDKs is available in the developer portal.

Unleash the standard in digital objects for any solution on or off blockchain and start building your own interactive vAtom experience with BLOCKv. When you’re ready, click here to sign up for a free developer account. 

Author: Jub Jub