What is a Vatom?

Vatoms are dynamic, compelling digital objects, that connect brands and customers, artists and fans, citizens and governments, friends, families and global gamers. Designed for discovery, a Vatom can be dropped onto a map, captured in augmented reality, moved into virtual reality, transferred and stored. Interactive digital goods that can move seamlessly and instantly between users and across any smart device. Vatoms are the new standard for digital objects and have the ability to transform industries and become the foundation of the emerging virtual goods economy.


Every Vatom built on BLOCKv protocol is registered, unique and may be limited. Precise in quantity, Vatoms are created, but not copied.

Owned and secure.


Holding digital value, a Vatom can be redeemed for real world value. 

Imagine a coffee Vatom, exchanged, drank, and refilled after you share it with a friend.


With long-running autonomous threads, Vatoms are network aware and can listen and react to real-world events.


An independent digital life form, Vatoms can easily be programmed, be updated, changed, run without people, move freely, act, and live on their own.


The creation, existence and authenticity of a Vatom can be proven at any time, verified through the blockchain.

What can a Vatom do?

It’s never been easier to build smart digital objects that bring the digital world to life

The BLOCKv platform provides an experiential layer on top of the blockchain that allows developers to easily build and emit Vatoms that behave and interact in unique ways – customizable and adaptable to a number of different purposes –including yours.


Transfer virtual goods on and off blockchain using only a phone number or email address – from one viewer to another – simplifying a highly complex process.


A Vatom is associated with personal identity, yet experienced on any device – to share, trade, sell, give, drop, or combine. Yours to do whatever you wish.


Vatoms can meet, mix and integrate with other Vatoms — to make an endless array of digital and physical items – driving intense engagement.


The interactive properties of Vatoms can gamify any experience – whether a product promotion, entertainment, a sporting event, a reward program, or even a simple thank you message to an audience.


As easy as sending a text, BLOCKv Vatoms are natural and effortless to share. Users are adopted into the system with only a personal contact.

Opt in for fun.

Where do Vatoms live?

Obtainable anywhere, Vatoms can be found and viewed through any mechanism – mobile, desktops, laptops, smart TV, virtual reality and augmented reality – moving between them fluidly and openly. Unique items indelibly secured on the blockchain, that you own. Your Vatom has the same properties as real objects – but limited only by imagination in their ability to generate value instantly or over time.

Soon, the world will become a billion object playground that surrounds us.